Resume: Paper is not enough

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Gone is the age where a job applicant will pick up a newspaper, find a job they want, and then mail in a CV. Long gone. Not only are job postings moving to a completely digital format, but resumes are as well. recently posted an article claiming that “the resume is dead.” The author equated your online profile to your new age resume. When you apply for a job, chances are the recruiter or hiring manager will Google you and scan through your online presence. What you’ve shared on Twitter, LinkedIn, or your blog can be significantly more important than what’s on your CV. But instead of taking a reactive approach by waiting for them to look you up, consider being proactive by pointing them in the right direction. Here are three ways you can create an online resume:


“A picture is worth a thousand words” right? By creating a picture resume, you are giving yourself more room to be creative as well as showing more about yourself than you can with a two page paper resume. Sites like Vizualize.Me take your background and turn it into an info graphic that is easy on the eyes. This info graphic is then easily shared by embedding links or icons into all of your social profiles.


Sometimes even a picture is not enough, so take it to the next level and create a video. Recorded CVs are a fantastic opportunity for applicants to show who they are as well as what they can do. However, these types of resumes are not appropriate for all types of positions. If you are applying for a creative profession, or a PR role, then a video is a great way to get a recruiter’s attention. Before you dive in, check out these tips from Mashable on how to create a video resume.

 “Hire Me Campaigns

The most time consuming, but probably the most exciting, way to apply for a job is by creating a full blown campaign on why you should be hired. Some applicants are so passionate about a specific job posting that they create blogs, videos, pictures, websites, Facebook pages, etc. with loads of content and try to get them to go viral. And sometimes, this technique has incredible results. In one case, Braden Young wanted to secure his dream job at Krispy Kreme donuts, so he created a unique Facebook page and Twitter handle to get noticed by the company. Just four hours after the pages went live he was contacted by Krispy Kreme, and three days later he was hired as their Sales & Marketing Manager.

 The most important thing to remember about these techniques is that the content still matters. You can create a flashy presentation, but you have to keep in mind that the recruiter is looking for specific skills and qualifications. Once you’ve gotten their attention with a picture, video, or campaign, really emphasize why you are right for the job.